Salvation is of Israel only

Salvation is of Israel only

Salvation was created on behalf of Israel only

From the reading of the Bible, we know that salvation is Israel and not gentiles. If one reads the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, they will discover a consistent theme. In a nutshell, GOD made a covenant with Israel’s forefathers. Israel will become a gathering of nations.

(Gen_48:4)  And he said to me, Behold, I will increase you, and I will multiply you, and I will make you into a gathering of nations. And I will give to you this land, and to your seed after you, for an eternal possession.

Note: this promised land is not referring to the land of Canaan. Because Israel once lived in that land, and if GOD threw them out HIMSELF, then Canaan is not an eternal possession.
See study What land did GOD promise Israel?.

On the way to that eternal possession, Israel will have great turmoil among the nations and great affliction by the gentiles. The MESSIAH will appear to provide propitiation for their sins and right before the final days of earth, HE will respect HIS covenant with our forefathers. Consequently, HE will return to rescue them from their Gentile persecutors and transported to the promised eternal kingdom HIMSELF.

But through the passage of time, the gentile has created a new reality. They believe that GOD has forsaken Israel and HIS covenant people have morphed into the Christians. Christians now replace Israel as inheritors for salvation and GOD’s promise to Abraham. This is the replacement gospel. They have used many verses of the Bible, often out of context to arrive at this idea. I will use this forum to expose some of these damnable ideas.

Israel salvation only is the same in both old & New Testament

Going forward I would like to mention two things. If you find a doctrine or a verse anywhere in the Bible and it appears to contradict another verse or doctrine, we are on dangerous grounds. It is not the Bible that is contradictory, but you have not been given understanding concerning the verses.

After all, we read that GOD wrote the Bible as a parable.

(Mar 4:10-12) And when he was alone, they asked him, (the ones around him with the twelve,) the parable. And he said to them, to you has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those, to the ones outside, all things happen in parables. That in seeing they should see, and not know; and in hearing they should hear, and not perceive; lest at any time they should turn, and their sins should be forgiven them. 

Therefore one will never truly hear or understand if one fails to divide the Word carefully, you will not have your sins forgiven

(Luk_8:18) Take heed then how you hear! For whoever should have, to him it shall be given; and whoever should not have, even what he seems to have shall be taken from him.

Israel only Salvation expressed in the Birth of the Messiah

A key phrase that stumbles the gentiles is the one of (Luk 2:30-32) below

  (Luk 2:30-32)  For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

This and other verses in (Luke chapter 2) are favorite passages for those who hold the views of the replacement gospel. It does appear to be saying that YESHUA came as a light to the Nations, whom they reference here as Gentiles. And interestingly enough it seems to have a lot of perceived reference to gentiles getting salvation.

The context to understand these phrases are in this very chapter of Luke 2 and elsewhere in the Bible, even in the Old testament. Consequently, we will commence our study at (Luk 2:10)

A great joy which shall be to all people

(Luke 2:10)  And the angel said to them, Fear not! for behold I announce to you good news –great joy which shall be to all people. 

Remember the principle I told you above? If the Bible is saying that this represents salvation(good news) for gentiles then there are some serious contradictions. The Bible has shown elsewhere that not all people will be saved. actually not all Israel will be saved! The term (great joy which shall be to all people), must be paid some serious attention. It conflicts with other parts of the Bible.

We get the context from (Luk 2:13-14) below

(Luk 2:13)  And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly military praising God, and saying, 
(Luke 2:14)  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

LUKE 2:14 KJV++ (King James Version)

The Blue Letter Online is also an excellent resource to understand Bible word definitions.

peace to poor of Israel only

This is taken from the KJV translation. It is how we have always been taught this verse. No matter how you try to turn it, the reading, it will assert that that YESHUA’s coming is a sign of goodwill towards men(gentiles). This is the meaning the translators try to convey to the readers.

However this meaning conflicts with the wording of other translations below, and therefore it may be that the KJV is way off from the original translations.

Luke 2:14 ABP+ (Apostolic Bible Polyglot)

Salvation is of Israel only

Notice that the word “with” is italicized. it is not of the original text.  If read correctly, it says peace among men of goodwill; or men with kindly intent towards GOD; or men of benevolence towards GOD. Not towards all men. See the Thayer definitions.

Thayer Definition:good will(G2107)

1) will, choice

1a) good will, kindly intent, benevolence

2) delight, pleasure, satisfaction

3) desire

3a) for delight in any absent thing easily produces longing for it

LUKE 2:14 DRB (Douay Rheims Bible)

Peace only to men of good will

The DRB is actually an English translation of the Latin, Vulgate (Catholic) bible. In recent years the Catholic and protestant are trying to become compliant for political reasons. Consequently, the later editions of the DRB are becoming indistinguishable from the KJV.

But as incredible as it seems, someone never got around to making Luk_2:14 compliant. The DRB renders this verse as Glory to God in the highest: and on earth peace to men of good will. ***notice it is not saying peace and goodwill towards all men as the KJV say. It says peace only to men of goodwill. The Thayer definition above can be rendered as “peace among men whom GOD is pleased; or among men of goodwill; or among men of kindly intent, among men of benevolence.

LUKE 2:14 BIB++ (Berean Interlinear Bible)

Salvation is of Israel only

The Berean Interlinear Bible hits it right on the head.   Glory in [the] highest to God, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased!  A clear stating that GOD is extending peace to only the men whom HE is well pleased. Not all Men.

LUKE 2:14 FCAB (First Century Aramaic Bible)

Salvation is of Israel only

Glory to God in Heaven, and upon earth peace, Good News to the children of men. It would not be easy to render this as anything but “upon earth peace, Good News to the children of men GOD is saying that the good news is extended to all men. But I purposefully left this for last so I can prove a point. Since this is one of my favorite translations, I could offer the defense that it is ambiguous and the meaning could have been lost in the translation. Afterall, Aramic is a different language than Greek. somewhere hidden underneath or lost in the translation theory. For example.

(Psa_73:1) O how good is God to Israel, to the ones straight in the heart.

The statement above at first appears to say that GOD is good to all Israel. But the phrase “straight in the heart” modifies Israel. Therefore the statement can only mean that GOD is good only to straight in the heart of Israel, and not all Israel. But all of this would be made unnecessary because we read the following.

(Mat_15:24)And responding he said, I was not sent except unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 

YESHUA modifies the statement to show that the peace offered to is not mankind but only Israel! But also here HE even modifies it further to the “Lost sheep” modifies Israel. HE has come to Israel, but salvation is for the lost sheep only.

Peace(salvation) comes to Israel, Not Gentiles

It is noteworthy that some translations, including the KJV will use the word, “people” but some other translations will use the world or universe. Even then, when we look at all the verses that appear to be saying YESHUA’s birth represents salvation to all peoples, we have certainty that this is not so.

(Luke 2:10) And the angel said to them, Fear not! for behold I announce to you good news –great joy which shall be to all people.

(Luke 2:31) which you prepared before the face of all the peoples;

Although good news may be apparent to all people, the actual application of salvation is for saved Israel only. Finally, we know that these verses are only saying that the salvation of Israel was openly shown to all peoples. It is not a secret. The gentiles have GOD’s word, and every man has seen the Light of the world, YESHUA

YESHUA’s Salvation a Glory to HIS people Israel

(Luke 2:32) A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

It seems like this statement has two parts because we notice the nations and Israel mentioned separately. The (gentiles) and on the other hand “your people Israel”. We must examine this closely because it looks like on one hand, it is saying something good about the nations by using “lightening” but on the other hand, we see GOD uses the word “glory” for Israel.

But since the task of addressing the latter is much less complex, we will start there. For Israel, we have “glory”. We must examine how the word “Glory” is used in this context.

Thayer Definition:Glory (G1391)
 2a) in the NT always a good opinion concerning one, resulting in praise, honour, and glory
 3c2) a thing belonging to Christ
 4) a most glorious condition, most exalted state

In this context, we know that the subject is CHRIST and glory is referring to HIM and not Israel. HE is the glory of Israel. We know that he is glorious without measure. One does not even have to do a word study, because we know by instinct that this word could only be attributed to HIM. The word certainly connotes, excellency, Majesty, Heavenly.  So we can say that *CHRIST* is the glory(a most glorious condition, most exalted state, splendor, brightness, magnificence, excellence, preeminence, dignity, grace, majesty) of *HIS* people Israel.

YESHUA A Light To Lighten The Gentiles

Now let us look at the part about the gentiles. We read that “CHRIST is a light to lighten the Gentile”. Here we have two words that need our attention. The word Light(G5457) and lighten(G602)

Thayer Definition: light(G5457)
 1) light
 1a1) emitted by a lamp
 2) metaphorically
 2c) that which is exposed to the view of all, openly, publicly

In this context, CHRIST is the torch or lamp (metaphorically (2c) that is exposed to the view of all, openly, publicly). HE is exposed to all the world to see.

Thayer Definition:lighten(G602)
 1) laying bear, making naked
 2) a disclosure of truth, instruction
 2a) concerning things before unknown
 2b) used of events by which things or states or persons hitherto withdrawn from view are made visible to all
 3) manifestation, appearance

An uncovering: you will notice that the words used across all six translations. It is either uncovering, lighten or revelation, but the same G602. In Thayer the meanings are constant (1) laying bear, making naked, a disclosure of truth, instruction, concerning things before unknown (2b) used of events by which things or states or persons hitherto withdrawn from view are made visible to all (3) manifestation, appearance)CHRIST is a disclosure of truth of the contents of their hearts and wickedness. The evil ones would like to cover their deeds because man cannot see their hearts but now they are laid bare and prepared for judgment.

YESHUA a light for an uncovering of Gentiles

CHRIST Coming Is A Realization Of Old Testament Promises

What we have seen in (Luke 2:10-32) is a realization of the promises to Israel that were founded in the Old Testament literature. Even more, it is a testament to GOD’s dependability. Here are only one of the many mentions of HIS coming which HE fulfilled.

(Isa 49:5) now, thus says the LORD, the one shaping me from out of the belly, to be his own servant, to gather Jacob to him, And Israel I shall have gathered, and I shall be glorified before the LORD, and my God will be my strength.

Here are some of HIS many mentions of salvation for Israel.

(Isa 49:26 the ones afflicting you shall eat their own flesh; and they shall drink their own blood as new wine, and shall be intoxicated. And all flesh shall perceive that I am the LORD, the one rescuing you, and assisting the strength of Jacob.

(Mic_4:10) Travail, and take courage, O daughter of Zion, as the one giving birth! For now you shall come forth from the city, and shall encamp in the plain, and shall come unto Babylon. From there he shall rescue you, and from there he shall ransom you, the LORD your God, from the hand of your enemies.

Even in the new testament, GOD declared these. That is why there are dozens of references that tell us that one-day GOD will rescue us out of the hands of the nations whom we are scattered. HE must because HE has said it in HIS word. It is impossible for HIM not to do it because HE cannot go back on HIS Word!

(Mat 24:9) Then they shall deliver you unto affliction, and shall kill you; and you shall be ones being detested by all the nations on account of my name

A conclusion

(Isa 49:13) Be glad, O heavens, and exult, O earth! Break asunder, O mountains, with gladness! for God showed mercy on his people, and the humble of his people he comforted.

You see that YESHUA did come to comfort HIS people Israel, but here also Israel is modified by (“the humble of HIS people”). This verse shows a two-fold purpose. It explains that YESHUA came not to console all the people of the earth. But Israel you must also understand that not all of Israel is referenced here. It is only the poor of HIS people. This may be a good time to read the eight Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) again.

(Jas_2:5) Hearken, my beloved brethren! Did not God choose the poor of this world, rich in belief, and heirs of the kingdom of which he promised to the ones loving him?

(Luke 2:34)And Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary his mother, Behold, this one is situated for a downfall and a rising up of many in Israel, and for a sign being disputed;

Salvation is of Israel only, but I would be remiss in my responsibilities to Israel if I do not mention the following:

CHRIST coming is for the salvation of Israel (“A rising up of many in Israel”) but on the other hand, “a downfall” of many as well. There will be strong contentions concerning HIM. Yes, but haven’t you read that HE is a stumbling block in Israel.

Nevertheless, the Word of GOD conclusively shows that salvation is of, and behalf of Israel only! Christianity is an absolute fraud, invented by the nation. Replacing Israel will never deliver the Gentiles.

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The Samaritans are not of Israel

The Samaritans are not of Israel

The Samaritans are not of Israel

The Samaritans are gentile people not of Israel. They believe that they are the descendants of the Northern Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. However, this claim runs afoul of the word of GOD.

Who the world say they are:

Maybe the world has fallen for it because if you search Google, you will get almost universally result: The Samaritans are an ethnoreligious group originating from the Israelites of the Ancient Near East. They may also confirm that today their main population is centered in the land of Israel (mainly in Holon):415 (2017) and Mount Gerizim: 381 (2017).

The world has written about them, but GOD has proved these words false

Samaritans claim to be of Israel but who are they really?

The Samaritans claim they are Israelite descendants of the Northern Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, who survived the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) by the Assyrians in 722 BCE.

”Their holy book, the Samaritan Pentateuch, apparently a modified text of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. This document is written in the Samaritan alphabet and used as scripture by them. It constitutes their entire biblical canon. But they are known to possess a Book of Joshua. This, of course, is based upon the Tanakh’s Book of Joshua. The Samaritans regard it as a non-canonical secular historical chronicle.

The Samaritans believe that, since more than 3600 years ago, they came to live on Mount Gerizim because Moses, in his tenth commandment, ordered them to protect it as a sacred mountain and worship on it. Apparently the Samaritans do not know that the GOD of Israel has documented their existence for us in HIS Word, the Bible.

Who the Bible says they are:

The Samaritans’ origin is well documented in the Bible which proves they are not of Israel. Because of their idolatry and general wickedness, the LORD ordered Assyria to Destroys the Northern State and bring the kingdom to an end. The Bible documents a series of events that culminated in the dissolution of the state Northern Kingdom of Israel.

(2 King 15:19-20) In his days Pul  king of the Assyrians ascended upon the land. And Menahem gave to Pul a thousand talents of silver for his hand to be with him, to strengthen his kingdom in his hand. And Menahem brought forth the silver for Israel, excised upon every mighty man in strength, to give to the king of the Assyrians — fifty shekels for the one man. And the king of the Assyrians returned and did not station there in the land.

While the king called Menahem ruled over the land, the king of Assyria laid siege to the land. Menahem paid a bribe of a thousand talents of silver and became his puppet. Menahem extracted the money out of the well to do people of Israel. It was a burdensome arrangement for the people. These conditions precipitated a sequence of events to unfold:

The state of Israel began a slide into disintegration

In 740BCE Pekahiah (probably) killed Menahem and reigned in his stead. These events are documented in (II Kings 15:22-23)

Two years later In 738BCE Pekah killed Pekahiah and began to reign (II Kings 15:32-33)

19 years later In 718BCE Hoshea killed Pekah and reigned in his stead (II Kings 15:30)

Speaking of Hoshea (2 kings 17:3) Against him there ascended Shalmaneser king of the Assyrians; and Hoshea became to him as a servant, and he bore gifts to him.
At some point in his reign the Assyrians came up against Hoshea. They made an agreement that Hosea would pay tribute and the Assyrians would stay away from him.

 (2 kings 17:4) And the king of the Assyrians found a plot by Hoshea, for Hoshea sent messengers to So king of Egypt, and did not bring gifts to the king of the Assyrians year by year. And the king of the Assyrians assaulted him, and tied him up in the house of the prison.
Hoshea appeared to have reneged the agreement, stopped sending tribute, Then he secretly made a deal with So, king of Egypt to probably assist him with troops to withstand any impending assault by the Assyrians. The Assyrians pay Hoshea a visit. Hosea was captured and imprisoned (in Samaria or somewhere in the outlining Israel areas or probably in Assyria)

Hoshea captured and later Samaria also

(2 kings 17:5) And the king of the Assyrians ascended unto all the land, and ascended unto Samaria, and assaulted it for three years.
Even though Hoshea was captured, the organs of state persisted because it took at least three years for the Assyrians to finally capture Samaria (the state capital)in 709 B.C

6) In the ninth year of Hoshea, the king of the Assyrians seized Samaria, and he resettled Israel into Assyria, and he settled them in Halah and in Habor, the rivers of Gozan, in the mountains of the Medes.
The Assyrians exiled out of Samaria, Israel to several lands, including Habor, Helah, Areas close to the rivers of Gozan

The first mention of Samarians who are not of Israel

The Samaritans are obviously not of Israel, because they have never appeared in the Bible prior to this.

It may have been customary for the Assyrians, to exile some of the conquered people to other parts of their empire. because we read the following in (2Ki_17:24)

(2Ki_17:24) And the king of the Assyrians led from out of Babylon the one from out of Cuthah, and from out of Ava, and from out of Hamath, and Sepharvaim, and settled them in the cities of Samaria instead of the sons of Israel. And they inherited Samaria, and they settled in its cities.

The Assyrian conqueror of Israel took people from other parts of their empire, namely: Cuthah, Ava, Hamath, Sepharvaim. There is no shadow of a doubt that these are gentiles. Also, notice that the Assyrians only settled them in the city of Samaria, in its towns. This suggests that they were not settled in Israel proper. This is important to understand why they were called Samaritans.

The Samaritans have no knowledge of the GOD of Israel

The Samaritans are accustomed to their gentile gods, consequently, they do not respect the GOD of Israel

(2Ki_17:25) And it came to pass in the beginning of their place of sitting down, they did not fear the LORD. And the LORD sent among them the lions, and they were being killed by them.

The Greek word “fearG5399” or the Hebrew version H3372 conveys the same meaning. It is basically meaning that they were not afraid of the GOD of Israel. HE doesn’t frighten them; they do not have any respect for HIM. They continued with the same practice they took from their former homeland. But quickly HE got their attention by sending lions to kill them.

(2Ki_17:26) And they said to the king of the Assyrians, saying, The nations which you resettled and relocated, in the cities of Samaria, they know not the distinguishing manner of the God of the land. And he sent to them lions, and behold, they are killing them, in so far as they do not know the distinguishing manner of the God of the land.

They believed the solution is the correct way of serving the god of the new land they occupy

Idolatrous Israelite priest sent back to Samaria

(2Hi_17:27) the king of the Assyrians gave charge, saying, Lead away there one of the priests whom I resettled from Samaria! and let him go and let him dwell there! and he shall enlighten them on the distinguishing manner of the God of the land.

To fix this, the situation of lions killing these gentiles, the Assyrian king gave the order to bring one of the priests of the Israelites from the place they had resettled with Israelites. Notice two important things here: This priest they brought back was of the stock of the wicked, idolatrous and rebellious ones. Secondly, this priest would have had to bring back with him a copy of the Torah. So, therefore, it is no mystery that these gentiles would have the first five books of Moses today.

(2Ki_17:28) And they brought one of the priests which they resettled from Samaria, and he settled in Bethel. And he was enlightening them how they should fear the LORD.

Interestingly enough, they put him to live in Bethel, which was the seat of the calf worshipping religion that Jeroboam had instituted in Israel.

First time Samaritans is mentioned in the Bible

Another way we know that the Samaritans are not Of Israel is in (2Ki 17:29) where we see the word (Samaritans H8118) referenced for the very first time in the bible.

(2Ki 17:29)  yet was making nation by nation their own gods, and putting them in the houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made, nation by nation in their cities where they lived.

Below GOD continues to make the distinction between Samaritans and Israel. The GOD of Israel is making the determination for our posterity that when the Samaritans today say they are of Israel, we have the certainty they are not.

(2Ki_17:30-31)the men of Babylon made Succoth Benoth.the men of Cuth made Nergal. the men of Hamath made Ashima. the Avites made Nibhaz and Tartak. And the Sepharvites incinerated their sons by fire to Adrammelech and Anammelech, gods of the Sepharvaim.

These are gentile nations of Babylon, Cuth, Nergal, Hamath, the Avites, and Sepharvites. They continue to serve their own national gods in the towns of Samaria.

(2Ki_17:32-33)  And they were fearing the LORD, and they made for themselves priests of the high places; and they offered for themselves in the houses of the high places.They were fearing the LORD, and they served their gods, according to the distinguishing manner of the nations from where he resettled them from there.

Being taught by the idolatrous priest that was sent among them, they made themselves priests of the high places and did offerings and sacrifices. But all they were doing was serving their gods according to their individual customs.

Samaritans can never serve the GOD of Israel

The following serves as a summary of the Samaritans and distinguishes them from the sons of Israel. These Samaritans have instituted a religious system, but it is quite unlike the ordnances and according to their judgment, and according to the law, and the commandment which the LORD gave charge to the sons of Jacob. In “whom he established his name Israel.

Furthermore, “the LORD ordained with them a covenant, and he gave charge to them, saying, you shall not fear other gods, and you shall not do obeisance to them, and you shall not serve to them, and you shall not sacrifice to them” However, Israel breached the covenant, therefore they have now being displaced by the gentile Samaritans in their own towns of Samaria.

(2Ki_17:34-35) Until this day they do according to their distinguishing manner. They are not fearing the LORD, and they do not do according to their ordinances, and according to their judgment, and according to the law, and according to the commandment which the LORD gave charge to the sons of Jacob, of whom he established his name Israel. And the LORD ordained with them a covenant, and he gave charge to them, saying, You shall not fear other gods, and you shall not do obeisance to them, and you shall not serve to them, and you shall not sacrifice to them.

(2Ki_17:41) And these nations were fearing the LORD, and they served to their carvings; even indeed their sons, and the sons of their sons — they do as did their fathers unto this day.

To this day, the 21st century, the Samaritans, indeed their sons, and the sons of their sons, worshipped as their fathers do while claiming to be of Israel

Clearing up the semantic: Samaria Samaritan/s, Samarian/s

Even though it is very simple to show that Samaritans are not of Israel. Many people will introduce contentions, using certain passages of the Bible. But the key to busting throughthis quagmire is to understand the meaning of the words and the context in which they are used. Consequently, then we will be able to explain the verses that are in contention.

Samaria (H8111)

Samaria (H8111) This is designating the capital of the ancient northern Israelite state

(1Ki_13:32) For the saying which he cried by the word of the LORD against the altar in Bethel, and against all the houses of the high places which are in the cities of Samaria, shall surely come to pass.

Samaria (G4540)

Samaria (G4540) the region of Samaria created by the Romans during the time of YESHUA. The ancient capital of Samaria still persisted through the times of YESHUA (see Map figure 01)

(Luk_17:11)And it came to pass, as he went to Jerusalem, that he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee.

Samaritan (G4541)

Samaritan (G4541) This is singular and primarily refers to as an individual from that ethnic group called Samaritans. They are NOT the sons of Israel. 1) Also from the Thyer: 1a) an inhabitant of the city of Samaria 1b)
2)an inhabitant of the region of Samaria

(Luk_17:16) And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan.

Samaritans (G4541)

Samaritans (G4541) This is the same word above but, only this time it is used in a plural sense

(Mat_10:5) These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:

Samaritans (H8118)

Samaritans (H8118) appear here the first time. This is an ethnic group. The group referenced in this study. They are NOT the sons of Israel

(2Ki_17:29) Howbeit every nation made gods of their own, and put them in the houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made, every nation in their cities wherein they dwelt.

Map figure 01

Misconceptions about the Samaritans

The idea that the Samaritans are half-Gentiles and half Israel is unfounded. They suggest that when the Assyrians brought the Samaritan gentiles to Samaria, they intermarried with the sons of Israel to form a Samaritan race. It is never easy to determine exactly where these myths and legend got started but I will propose and discuss a few. For example in (Ezra 9:1- 2) below

(Ezra 9:1-2)  And as these things were finished, the rulers approached to me, saying, The people of Israel did not separate, and the priests and the Levites, from the peoples of the lands in their abominations — of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Perizzite, the Jebusite, the Ammonite, the Moabite, and the Moserite, and the Amorite. For they took of their daughters to themselves, and to their sons, and the holy seed mixed together among the peoples of the lands; even by the hand of the rulers and of the commandants in this breach-of-contract in rule

The nations mentioned here do include Samaritans. They are Canaanite, Hittite, etc. Furthermore, in the case of these nations, Ezra had remedied that situation. All the men transgressing was ordered to divorce their foreign daughters and send them away with the children they bore. (Ezra 10:1-44)

It could also have been built upon the passages of (Nehemiah 13:23-31) But one quickly notes that the only foreign nation referenced here are Ashod, Ammon, and Moab.

(Neh 13:23) And in those days I saw the Jews who settled with wives of Ashdod, of Ammon, and Moab.

But also, in that case, Nehemiah apparently fixed.

(NEH 13:30) And I cleansed them from all aliens, and appointed watches to the priests and the Levites, each one in his work,

Sanballat the Horanite or the Samaritan?

This is pure conjecture. this spurious association of the name Sanballat the Horanite with the Samaritans appears in (Neh 4:2)

(Neh 4:2) And he spoke before his brethren, and the force of the Samaritans, and he said, What do these Judahmen do — the Jews? Shall we not abandon them? Is it to sacrifice? Is it that they will be able to? And today, will they repair the stones with the embankment rubbish for being burnt?

Sanballat appears only in the book of Nehemiah. On the other hand, the word Samaritans only appear in the old testament two times(2Ki_17:29 and Neh_4:2) In Nehemiah 4:2 each time it is rendered as the force of the Samaritans; the army of Samaria; the multitude of the Samaritans, the army of Samaria. consequently, they make the connection that Sanballat the Horanite is a Samaritan. But, Sanballat the Horanite is a different entity than “the forces of the Samaritans” who were in contention against Judah. most noteworthy is the fact that Sanballat was actually a Moabite.

Sanballat was actually a Moabite

The “Brown-Driver-Briggs” Definition of an Horonite =
“native of Horonaim”
1) an inhabitant of Horonaim in Moab1a) the designation of Sanballat, the opponent of Nehemiah

After making this false association with Sanballat and the Samaritans they went further to make another association of mixed marriage

(Neh 13:28) And from the sons of Joiada, Eliashib the great priest, in-law to Sanballat the Horonite — even I threw him from me. 

Yes, there were a few intermarriages. But as the record shows it was no large-scale mixed marriage. and even when that happened Ezra and Nehemiah ended it. At some point, the rulers were making marriage and other associations with the men of the land.

Since this man was a Moabite and not a Samaritan, this information would, therefore, nullify any claims that the samaritans are a mixed-race of Samaritans and Israelites. There was never a single recorded incident of mixed marriage among Samaritans and Israel in the Bible.

The woman at the well near Sychar was not of the Samaritans but of Israel

In order to propel forward the idea that the Samaritans are a mixed race of Samaritans and Israelite, they often try to paint the woman at the well of Sychar as a Samaritan. But her conversation with YESHUA in (John 4:4-7) proves she can only be of Israel.

(John 4:4-5) But it was necessary for him to go through Samaria. He comes then into a city of Samaria being called Sychar, neighboring the place which Jacob gave to Joseph his son

This would be a very familiar place for Israelites of that day. Because those familiar with the are the area would know about Jacob’s well. YESHUA passed through there because this was the shortest point for ones traveling through to Jerusalem. (see Map figure 01 )

(Joh 4:6-7) And the spring of Jacob was there. Then Jesus being tired from the journey, sat thus at the spring; it was about the sixth hour. There comes a woman from out of Samaria to draw water. Jesus says to her, Give to me to drink! 

The Samaritans are not of Israel

See (Figure 01) above for the location for the city of Samaria(G4540). Then match this place to the same word used in the above translations in (Figure o2) This is simply saying that this woman lives in a village called Sychar in the city of Samaria. She is an Israelite.

(Matthew 10:5-6) These twelve Jesus sent,  exhorting them, saying, Unto the way of the nations you should not go forth, and unto a city of Samaritans you should not enter. But you go rather to the lost sheep of house of Israel!

The above verse confirms that the Israelites live in close proximity to Samaritans, who live in some of the towns of the ancient Israelite capital of Samaria

More Confirmation she is of Israel

This woman is claiming that Jacob is her father because she confirms it in (John 4:12) additionally she confirms that her forefathers did obeisance in the mountains (John 4:20). Historically we know that they did this even though GOD commanded them not to, and to only worship in Jerusalem.

(John 4:12)   Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave to us the well, and himself drank from it, and his sons, and his livestock?

(John 4:20)  Our fathers in this mountain did obeisance, and you say that in Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary to do obeisance.

If a Samaritan made these statements, certainly they would be lying and more worthy, is the fact that YESHUA didn’t correct her. Therefore she is telling the truth. This is proof that this woman is an Israelite and not of the Samaritans

The ten lepers were included Samaritans and of Israel

The verses in Luke 17, will also show that Samaritans and Israel are two different racially identifiable groups even though they dwell in the proximity of each other in the ancient Israelite capital of Samaria

(Luke 17:12) And of his entering into a certain town, there met with him ten leprous men, which stood at a distance.

(Luke 17:13) And they lifted their voice, saying, Jesus, master, show mercy on us!(Luke 17:15)  And one of them, beholding that he was healed, returned with a great voice glorifying God,

(Luke 17:16)  and he fell upon his face by his feet giving thanks to him; and he was a Samaritan.

(Luke 17:17) And responding Jesus said, Were there not ten cleansed; but where are the nine?

We understand that there were ten lepers that were cleansed, but to YESHUA’s disappointment, only the Samaritan returned to give HIM thanks

YESHUA refers to the Samaritans as strangers and not of Israel

YESHUA, in a reference to the Samaritan leper who returned to give HIM praises, referred to the Samaritan as “this Foreigner” Therefore this is one of the more positive indications that Samaritans and Israel are two separate nationalities.

(Luke 17:18) Were there not found any returning to give glory to God, except this foreigner?

(Luke 17:19) And he said to him, Having risen up, go! the belief of yours has delivered you.


People have been through the ages have made competing for claims about Israel’s ancestry.

Many have claimed to be of Israel, but the GOD of Israel has documented Israel in HIS word. Consequently, if the Bible is infallible and true, then certainly there can only be one Jacob. Consequently one has to prove the Bible in error to steal Israel’s identity.

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What does the Bible say about lies & Liars?

What does the Bible say about lies & Liars?

GOD has a low tolerance for lies & liars

Apparently, the Bible has a lot to say about lies and Liars. The pages of the bible will show that falsehood and deceit are utterly abhorrent to GOD. Because we read in (Rev_21:8)  But to the timid ones, and unbelieving ones, and sinful ones, and ones being abhorrent, and murderers, and fornicators, and dealers in potions, and idolaters, and to all the liars, their part is in the lake burning with fire and Sulphur, which is the second death. Lies are right up there with murder, fornications and idolaters, sorcery. The penalty is horrendous! You would think it may be about just right for the murderer. But the liar, no way is that appropriate you would say. That being so, then why do we tolerate lies so much?

We lie to each other, the politicians and preachers lie to us, parents lie to their children and their children lie to them. A liar is one who engages in telling and listening to and conforms with lies. fact is, we are by nature all liars. If you only tell and do not do murder or fornication, you will still share the lot with the unbelieving ones, and sinful ones, the abhorrent, murderers, fornicators, dealers in potions, and idolaters. Your lot is “the lake burning with fire and Sulphur, which is the second death.” Where did we get our natural proclivity for lies? 

The Devil is the father of lies

This all started way back when GOD created our first parents. GOD had given them strict instruction as to what they should and laid out the consequences if they disobeyed (Gen 2:16-17)  And the LORD God gave charge to Adam, saying, From all of a tree of the one in the paradise you shall eat food, but from the tree of the knowing good and evil, you shall not eat from it; but in whatever day you should eat from it, to death you shall die.

But we understand that they did chose not to obey GOD’s commandment but in fact, obeyed the lies of the devil. From that time, they became sinful fallen creatures, being led by Satan. The Bible would go on to confirm our status in (Joh_8:44) You are of the father of the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. That one was a man-killer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, for truth is not in him. Whenever he should speak the lie, from out of his own he speaks; for he is a liar, and the father of it. We spiritually had acquired the DNA of Satan. We are truly our fathers’ sons. the devil, who has been a manslayer (murderer) since the beginning. By nature, we will do whatever he wants us to do.

Lies and lying is a part of our DNA since

No man can lie that he is not a sinner. The Bible absolutely condemns the lies we tell and condemns us as intractable liars. There is no doubt about that (Psa_116:11) And I said in my change of state, Every man is a liar. GOD declares even more succinctly in the following verses:(Isa_59:4) No one speaks just things, nor is there true equity. They rely upon vanities, and they speak empty things; for they sire misery and give birth to lawlessness. (Psa_5:9) For there is no truth in their mouth; their heart is vain; their throat is a tomb having been opened; with their tongues they used deceit

We love to hear and tell lies

People love hearing lies because it flatters, adulates, and glorify themselves. They use lies to deceive themselves and others. They turn their ear away from the truth because it condemns, belittle, castigate, criticize, denounce, and insult them. Tell them something they want to hear. If it is the truth, they will have none of it!  The truth is no longer truth but now it is, rather, what people think; expect to hear, or make up for themselves. (2Ti_4:3-4)  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  And from indeed the truth, the one hearing, they shall turn away, and they shall be turned aside unto the fables.

Mankind creates their own truth out of lies

Since mankind has rejected the word of GOD, they must invent their own version of the truth to replace HIS word. The perfect case in point is the gospel of evolution. This is exactly opposite to the Bible and is debunked a million times, even by secular men. Today all the Christians and other religions embrace it. The Bible clearly teaches this as lies and clearly marks them as liars. The word of GOD teaches that GOD made this world and all that is in it. (2 Peter 3:5) – For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

Man has simply enveloped themselves in their own corruption, hoping they will be delivered from GOD’s judgment. (1Jon_4:6) We are of God; the one knowing God, hears us; the one who is not of God, does not hear us. By this, we know the spirit of the truth and the spirit of the delusion. A not so great general, the Frenchman, Napoleon Bonaparte, once remarked about the truth: “What then is the truth of history? A fable agreed upon” Another variant of the quote: “History is a set of lies agreed upon” It is interesting to note that this man was instrumental in chopping off noses and lips of statues when he was in Egypt as a conqueror

In the Bible, lies, and liars are the inverse of the truth

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a lie as anything “opposite of the state of being just; contrasting with something which has been proven to be real; Opposite of the quality of being honest; Opposite of the quality of being genuine, inconsistent with that which is morally correct, just, or honorable; conflicting with the quality or state of being very accurate; incompatible with the state of being just or righteous; contrary to the general reality of existence.

To sum up, a lie is “an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker or writer to be untrue with intent to deceive or something that misleads or deceives” The response of the Satan(Gen 3:4-5)  And the serpent said to the woman, Not to death will you die. For God knows that in which ever day you should eat of it, your eyes will be opened wide, and you will be as gods, knowing good and evil. The statement not only was intended to deceive but it caused great hurt to the listener…It slew them!

The same dictionary defines a truth(noun) is an “agreement with fact or reality.” With related words such as accuracy, accurateness, actuality, authenticity, correctness, credibility, honesty, trustiness, trustworthiness, truthfulness, veracity, dependability, and reliability. One thing is sure, and it is that mankind’s definition of a truth and the lie, squares up perfectly with the Bible. They know what a lie and the truth is. And they know the difference between the two. but only in a moral sense. They still cannot grasp the spiritual enormity of the deed.

The Bible is the truth

GOD gave our first parent a command. Satan told them that GOD’s words were not correct. They may have lacked a standard. Since they had the judgment of GOD passed on them for their disobedience. Now they know what the standard is. Therefore, GOD’s word was and is the truth—It is the standard by which GOD judge liars. ultimately man was found to be liars. Man believed the devil and suffered the fatal consequence of death. GOD’s commandment is GOD’s measurement of truth.

On the day of man’s fall, GOD’s word was proven to be the truth. The Bible is the truth as attested to by many passages of the scriptures:  (Joh_17:17) Sanctify them in your truth! Your word is truth. (Psa_119:151) You are near, O LORD, and all your ways are truth. (Psa_119:142) Your righteousness is righteousness into the eon, and your law is truth. (Psa_119:86)  All your commandments are truth. They pursued me unjustly; help me!

YESHUA personifies truth and opposes lies

Not, only does the bible has a lot to say about lies and liars but it personifies YESHUA HIMSELF as truth as. We read in (Joh_1:14) And the word became flesh, and tented among us, and we saw his glory, glory as an only child of the father, full of favor and truth. (Joh_14:6)  Jesus says to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the father unless through me.  

During CHRIST arrest and inquisition, we read. (Joh_18:37) Then said Pilate to him, Then you are a king? Jesus answered, You say it, for I am  a king. I have been born for this, and for this I have come into the world, that I should testify to the truth. Every one being of the truth hears my voice. (Joh_18:38) Pilate says to him, What is truth? And this having said, again he came forth to the Jews, and says to them, I find not one fault in him. How very ironic was Pilate sneering remark of “what is truth?” He was staring the truth in the face, and also at the same time condemning him as one not being of the truth.

lies are a summation of all sins and evils

Because a lie is simply a transgression of GOD’s law. It’s a state of being unwilling or unable to obey GOD’s law. This lie was the original sin in the Garden of Eden. But murder, idolatry, and fornication, etc., emanates from that lie. GOD actually makes the connection in the following passages: (Jn_2:4) The one saying, I know him, and his commandments is not keeping, is a liar, and the truth is not in this one. Lies and liars seem to be a summation of all the evils. Let us compare three verses.

  1. (Rev_22:15) Outside are the dogs, and the administers of potions, and the fornicators, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and every one being fond of and committing a lie. The passage ends with the summation phrase; “and everyone being fond of and committing a lie”
  2. (Rev_21:8) But to the timid ones, and unbelieving ones, and sinful ones, and ones being abhorrent, and murderers, and fornicators, and dealers in potions, and idolaters, and to all the liars, their part is in the lake burning with fire and Sulphur, which is the second death. The mentions the sins of timidity, unbelieving, murderers, idolaters, etc. are all classed as representing “all liars”
  3. (Rev_21:27) And in no way should enter into her anything common, and committing an abomination, and a lie; only the ones being written in the scroll of the life of the lamb.. Even here the conditions of being common or an abomination is being equated with a lie!

I will quote an old proverb that says it “Show me a liar and I’ll show you a thief – Show me a thief and I’ll show you a murderer”

Jamaican Proverb

The Bible concludes the end of lies and liars

Therefore, if the Word Of GOD (The Bible) is the truth, So it is fair to conclude that if the bible is true and GOD is true, then anything that opposes is a lie! I could go on ad infinitum about the instances where lies are covered in the bible, except that this article will be too long. But this link should cover a lot of them.

The Bible teaches that all lies and liars will be destroyed eternally (2Th_2:10) and in every deception of unrighteousness among the ones being destroyed, because of the love of the truth, they received not for them to be delivered. But to the ones believing in the truth will be vindication. (Rev_19:9) And he says to me, Write! Blessed are the ones being called to the supper of the wedding of the lamb. And he says to me, These words of God are true.

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